Spectrum MP3’s

Download the following games in MP3 format to load back onto your original spectrum via an MP3 player or IPOD! Simply connect the gray audio cable into the headphone socket of your MP3 player and into the Ear socket on the spectrum. Type Load “”, then press play on your MP3 Player.

winTZX0.9b2 by Patrick Delvenne was used to convert the original spectrum TZX images / roms to MP3 format.

Mp3tag by Florian Heidenreich was used to edit the MP3 information and add MP3 art to the files.

3D Death Chase
Back To Skool
Barry McGuigan Championship Boxing
Chuckie Egg
Football Manager
Footballer Of The Year
Harrier Attack
Horace Goes Skiing
Jet Set Willy
Manic Miner
Match Day
Match Point
Skool Daze
Target Renegade
Travel With Trashman
Treasure Island Dizzy
Way Of The Exploding Fist, The
Wild Bunch, The

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